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Hey everyone, Shpelley here again with another set of quick updates! The card database has been updated on PlayFusion’s end, which means that the Deckbuilder is now LIVE with Unleashed cards available! You can make, import and share your decklists over at Interested in what other people are brewing? Keep an eye on to see what people are working on!

Community Feedback

As we all know from PlayFusion, one of the primary goals of going “digital-first” with launch was to make changes to Unleashed cards to prevent abusive interactions. In the spirit of that, I’ve decided to create a simple Google document that we can use to provide focused feedback on individual cards from Unleashed, to let PlayFusion know what we think are problem cards, or which ones could stand to be improved. The sheet is public, but I’ll be maintaining it to make sure comments stay constructive and reasonable. Let’s help make Unleashed the best it can be!

Feedback Sheet:

Before signing off, I have a question: which Grand Alliance would YOU like to see covered for the Unleashed Set Review first? Vote in the poll below!

Which Grand Alliance should I review first?

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