Unleashed Is Here!

Hey everyone, Shpelley here! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus as of late. I’ve been quite busy outside of gaming, but today is the day that Unleashed is launched! With that, a quick update on what to expect with the site over the next couple weeks!

This Week: Deckbuilder Update

As you may have noticed, the deckbuilder currently is unable to load up the new Unleashed cards. Fear not, however, because as soon as the main website is ready, we’ll be in action (as we use the official data for cards)! As per Jade at PlayFusion, the web team is looking to have these out over the next couple days. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and added all the relevant filters for when the time comes.

Next Week: Set Review & Other Articles

Starting next week, I hope to have a series of articles out talking about what each Grand Alliance gets and how I think the meta will shake out with these new inclusions. I’m hoping to also fold these into updates for the now-outdated Grand Alliance Breakdown articles!

I’ve also had several people mention they would be interested in submitting content for the site. I plan on adding an official form to the website where people can submit either articles, or an application to write semi-regularly for the site. If you are interested, keep an eye out next week for these updates!

Miscellaneous: Tier List Updates

With all the new cards, I expect a pretty major shakeup in what the tier lists are and what the existing decks look like. With help from the community, I hope to keep the tier list updated weekly to reflect the state of the game at the time. If you are interested in helping with that, feel free to contact me at the.champions.forge@gmail.com


Author: Shpelley

Shpelley is part-time tech gremlin, part-time article writer and full time Warhammer Champions evangelizer. Follow him @shpelley on Twitter or catch one his streams at https://twitch.tv/shpelley/

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