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I’ve been toying with the idea to bring to you guys some deck highlights. I used to participate in “Deck of the month” but as I am starting off, I don’t want to commit to one a month just yet. This time round we have Strathlomonds Grot Aggro Deck to show off.

I asked Strathlomond for some bits of advice on this deck and this is what he hit me with:

“Things to look out for in the deck (because honestly these dont matter if its the battle glory variant or not)

1. Champion positioning, you want Skragrott to be the 2nd champion from the left hand side, this is because whirling death procs are very likely in the edge lanes as it only requires 2 champions to be engaged, so you dont want to deny those chances. You also want skragrott to always use Call of war and deploy to the right of him, this allows the units first corner to trigger twice (once from deployment, once from standard order) The best champions to hit this with are Orruk Bashas and Grot SlashasIf you have a spell in hand and skragrott has no spells, active always play one, you draw a card AND get a choice to either keep it or put at the bottom of your deck and try again, giving you a potential 2 attempts to draw the card you are after, an absolutely amazing ability

2. Quick questing and tipsIf you have a 3 corner unit in hand (except Zarbags) and any damage ability that isnt kersplat, attempt to quest the riptooth first with deploy rotate ability rotate, if you have a kersplat in hand and ideally a 2 (3 is fine though) corner unit, you want to focus on one of your glare face, this is because you deploy, allow rotation then kersplat and remove that unit, this completes both the ability and damage corner due to ability being played -> removing own unit with damage last stand for damage cornerYou can then play any grot to finish the quest, if you have a spare action it may be worth deploying a unit in another lane first before completing a quest due to smash and bash

3. Only draw when you have to, you have a very fast deck with lots of build in cycle and you need to take advantage of that. The ideal game has you finish with little to no cards in hand, as you have exhausted all your resources for the win, those blessings REALLY hurt doing 5-9 damage each, so spin those quests and dont overdraw!”

Well there you have it, the words from the masters mouth! Oh? Whats that you say? You want more? Well alright then, heres some videos of the deck in action! Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

Grots vs Rotigus
Grots vs Arkhan
Grots vs Skarbrand

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