Unleash + Purge Revealed!

Today, PlayFusion made good on their comments (they never actually promised) and revealed to us what the keyword “Unleash” means.

Unleash is a new keyword from the up and coming set 4 box (handily named Unleased) that triggers when you complete the champions quests. You do so by sacrificing the ability to reveal the blessing at that time and instead, lay a second card over the existing champion. These Unleased cards are not part of your deck or side deck, but exist in their only little pile.

Once the champion has been unleased they obtain new/upgraded effects/abilities whilst also maintaining the effects of their … un-unleashed? pre-unleashed? Before Form? I’ve read the term “bound” in Discord, so lets go with that. Ahem, whilst also maintaining their “bound” forms effects/abilities and presenting you with 4 new quests to progress thus revealing your blessing.

“Do I now need to hunt for both cards to play these champions”

The answer I’ve seen from the official AoS Champs twitter is no. These cards will come together in the pack. If you pull one, you’ll pull the other. Winning!

So let’s take a look at our first fully revealed champion with the new mechanic, UNLEASH.

Mannfred, Hate-Filled Hunter looks like a mediocre champion with relatively easy quest progression depending on the deck you play him in. Cards like Vigor Necris work wonders here. He’s Unique which PlayFusion mentioned they were working on improving how Unique champions affected us and with a cost of 12. Off the bat, Mannfred would be a card I would probably avoid giving his current form, but when you complete all 4 quests, instead of revealing your blessing, you may unleash him becoming…

Mannfred, Mortarch of Night, from first view looks like a champion who is now worth those 12 champion points. His heroic act to Purge (we will get to that) a highlighted unit is sweet, also the fact you get to choose which unit from his two highlighted lanes. His questing seems pretty straight forward so questing 8 times in the long run shouldn’t be unreasonably hard to obtain. Who knows, this may bring cards such as Grim Portents into heavy play. Time will tell.

Purge is the second new keyword revealed today, and it brings a second form of removal to the game. Normally, when you remove a card it goes to the discard pile. With Purge that card is removed from the game completely. It’s not a new mechanic to the TCG world, but it seems welcomed enough by the community.

If you want to know more information about Mannfred, and what the players think, be sure to tune into Kains twitch stream this Saturday at 2:30pm EDT. https://twitch.tv/kainmk

That’s all from now, I’m now going to publish this and re-read through it and attempt to correct my spelling mistakes.

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