OrangeGuy. The Batman?

Manchester City Champs has been and gone. Players constructed their decks, packed their bags and battled with pride and passion. Blood was spilled, hearts were smashed and souls were provided to Nagash the Supreme. Only one will emerge victorious. That Champion is OrangeGuy.

Now I know you’re asking…”What did this Champion bring? How was it constructed and why did he make the choices he made?” Don’t worry. I got you covered.

I asked Orangeguy these questions plus more and he was lovely enough to sit down and answer them. So without further delay, let’s get stuck in.

Why did you pick the deck?
“I’ve had my mordant deck since wave 1, the guy who came 2nd twice with mordants back when gordrakk was reigning, it inspired me to build it as a drakk counter, it was a fantastic idea and so controlling yet aggro.

Over time I’ve updated it with newer wave cards (i have just under 20 physical decks i keep playing around with) but one of my friends picked my mordant deck to play with at my locals and i got to test against it all the time. I thought it was an ok design, but never played it myself too much and never aspired to use it competitively my self. At warhammer fest i found myself laughing at the idea of competitive mordants with one of the Germans players who had come to play. But later used my mordant deck in a friendly against one of the top Aelf players.

I immediately changed attitude and was in awe of Royal hunts mad ferocity. And every city championship since I’ve been using and tinkering with the idea, top 8 in gencon made me realise i need chaos counters, and Middlesbrough was when I made top 4 and realised the side deck was dead weight how i was using it. The deck i got to the finals with was my third and final edition where i felt I’d honed the deck to perfection for today’s gaming battlefields.”

Why did you decide to run it?

“I don’t really know, like before, i was just surprised by royal hunts ferocity, and it struck me that the meta was almost entirely 7 cost or more champions who people were basing the entire deck around, people would rarely ever side out a branchwraith or rottigus or their decks would stop working or they’d not considered their 5th champion and know how to use it.

Gencon was so so so unlucky, every major match up i had (especially against Rottigus) i didn’t see royal hunt (saw it once out of 12 of my final games there. So i realised i needed to build my deck in a way that it could win/survive well enough until i won or got the hunt going, Middlesbrough saw this in earnest. But eventually i was finding against certain decks I’d win the 1st match, and lose the rest as my side deck and 5th champ (Abhorrent Ghoul King with spells) were so slow and unplayable that i had no where to change up or go. Version 3.0 which i tested for Manchester was the apex of my design, 5th champ Lord Executioner to obliterate Rottigus/Skarbrand by himself. And this freed up my side deck for anything else.”

What gave you trouble/what was it good against?

“I found the 3.0 deck worked against anyone (exceptions are coming below) the meta is entirely defined by people choosing a big powerful champion and building the deck around this idea. My deck punishes this to the extreme (Royal hunt?, ha, meta hunt you mean) Everyone uses a 7pts or more champion and very few people had built expecting the hunt, so when people did face it, they could either take out their key champion and watch the deck fall apart while hoping for the best, or they just didn’t have any choice. The two decks at Manchester, Destruction beasts and Orders Branchwraiths had no choice, they relied on two 7pts or more champions, so it gave me huge room for maximum endless damage.

All Wizards are where I’ve seen my mordant deck struggle, they have most 4-6 pts champions and the ones that scare me have no royal hunt target. I have barely any removal or dormant to stop them. I won’t go into to much detail but wizards are what stop me 😉 that and pesky grots are so difficult and consistent now.”

Most Sided In Card?

Bat Swarm, my secret mvp! No one saw this card coming in my deck, its so unassuming and nasty looking. No useful tag, only 3 damage in total, blah. But it blocks all types of damage, from champions, blessings, abilities anything. In chaos it makes Rottigus quiet for 3 turns, it reduces units, abilities and last stand really slowed them down. And the best best part! It works with royal hunt! Ahhhh! So many people had looks of shock when they started rolling out punches of 4 damage while blocking damage. They were sided into my deck in every match, an easy replacement for 1 or 2 Murderous Vargheists, 2 less damage to block a lot more damage in return was a decent trade even without hunt.”

Thoughts of the Tournament

“It was the best one yet! Clyde and Dave are doing a fab job running the show at the moment, but as they say, and it is so so true; its the players that are making this game what it is. Every single person i met there, every single match was fantastic, so many happy chatty faces, from new faces to veterans, everyone is genuinely lovely and supportive. I might be gushing here, but i cannot put it out there enough how i feel the champions community is the most friendly and inviting one I’ve ever been part of (and I’ve been gaming for well over a decade now and played nearly every game about). Don’t get me wrong, 1st place has been my goal since wave 1, I’ve been close so many times (thanks Hamish! draws a tear haha) and that was the everything I’d wanted, founders kit, the title and all. But what truly made the day one to remember and truly special, were the players who watched, laughed and cheered with me. It was spectacular. Thank you to everyone from this very humbled orangeguy…”

There you have it, the words from the man himself, Our Manchester City Champion, ORANGEGUY

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this and it spreads the word and pure joy that is Warhammer Champions. For now, here is the winning decklist.

Until next time. May the draws be ever in your favour…unless you’re vs me.



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