Website Updates – Deckbuilder Import, Tier List & GDPR

Hey everyone, Shpelley here! Just wanted to give a quick rundown of some updates that have happened to the site over the last few days. The changes we’ve made are as follows:

Deckbuilder Import Functionality

When the deckbuilder was first created, users weren’t able to save their decklists on the site. With the new account system and User Submitted Decks section of the site, people have been wanting to share their sweet tech with others. To help facilitate that, we have added the ability to Import your decks directly from the App into the deckbuilder!

The new import field

The update allows you to take the text blurb from the app and paste it into the box. Simply click the Import button and it will automatically build out the deck, ready to Save or Share to your heart’s content. You don’t even need to get rid of the cruft. You can paste the following…

ChampionsForge would like you to check out their awesome deck in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

…and as long as the URL is present, the Import will work!

Paired along with this change, to help those looking to share your decklists, we’ve updated our Share options on the entire site. Now you can share your “My Decklists” page to others using the new Share buttons, and your friends will be able to see all your (Public) decklists!

The new Share bar

Tier List – Updating Lists

With the recent errata coming in, the meta has seen a significant shift. Chaos now shares a contentious Tier 1 slot with multiple lists from each Grand Alliance, as well as a MASSIVE number of Tier “1.5”/2 lists that are competitively viable. To help me manage this, I’ve gone ahead and built a plugin for the site so I can better manage this, so changes in the future will be far quicker, so keep an eye on it.

As per the tierlist page itself, I try to maintain the Tier List as best I can with the help of community feedback, and the list itself is a “living document”. Think a list should be on there? Let us know! You can email us at with your suggestions and decklists, or hit me up on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Discord under the name [Heraldor] shpelley.

GDPR Compliance

On a more “boring” note, I’ve gone ahead and added a new Privacy Policy to the website and added a new banner you may have noticed, to ensure that the site is GDPR compliant. This was a step I wanted to take to allow us to grow as the game does. If you have any questions regarding GDPR Compliance, information can be found here.

Other Changes

Along with the major changes above, I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning on the site. This includes:

  • Formatted the Tier List to be a little bit more appealing.
  • Added pagination to the “My Decklists”/User Submitted Decklists pages to accompany the increased number of decklists
  • Decklists on the site are now colour-coded by Grand Alliance, making it easier to identify a deck at a glance. The same colour-scheme has been used on the nameplates on the Tier List.
  • Filled out the footer to include new Privacy Policy link, Recent Articles and Contact information.

We’re always looking to improve the experience for the community here at Champions Forge. If you have any suggestions you’d like to see done to the site, leave a comment down below!


Author: Shpelley

Shpelley is part-time tech gremlin, part-time article writer and full time Warhammer Champions evangelizer. Follow him @shpelley on Twitter or catch one his streams at

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