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Hey everyone, Shpelley here! With the recent addition of the Nintendo Switch platform, and the beginning of the City Championships, more people have been looking to get into Ranked digital play these days. This article will Breakdown the basics of the Ranked format, the rewards and some tips on getting started!

What Is Ranked?

Ranked is a monthly competitive ladder in Warhammer Champions. Decks in Ranked follow standard rules and deckbuilding: 4 Champions, 4 Blessings, 30 Actions. Games are “Best of One” and otherwise play exactly as you would in physical play.

At the beginning of each month, you play a series of 5 games. These are your placement games and determine where you start off on the ladder. The better you do in your placement games, the higher up you start which can significantly reduce how much you have to climb.

An interesting thing to note is that your placement games each Season are based off of your previous Ranked season’s rank. You typically regain about 50%-75% of your rank between seasons depending on how well you do during your placement games. This means that if you ended the previous season in Diamond I, you can expect to start the next season somewhere in high Gold or low Platinum, depending on how well you do!

The Ladder

The ladder itself is broken up into 6 tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Each Tier below Master is broken up into three sub-tiers (so Bronze III -> Bronze I, Silver III -> Silver I, etc) and each of those sub-tiers is broken up into 3 Divisions. For instance, you can be Silver II, Division 3 or Diamond I, Division 2. Some things to know about the tiers:

  • Winning and losing games gains/loses you Rank based on your opponent’s position relative to your own (you gain more for beating better opponents and lose less for losing to better opponents)
  • Upon reaching a new Sub-Tier (III -> I) or Tier (Bronze -> Silver), you play another set of placement games. You must win 2 out of 3 to advance a Sub-Tier, or win 3 out of 5 to advance a Tier. If you lose, you stay within your current Tier/Sub-Tier/Division. Winning more than the minimum 2/3 can let you skip Divisions in the Tier/Sub-Tier you advance to.
  • If you lose enough times to drop you a Division or Sub-Tier, you play a set of Demotion matches first. You must win at least 1 game in your next 3 to avoid demotion. You can never Demote from a Tier to a lower Tier (you can never go from Silver to Bronze).


At the end of every Ranked season (at the end of each month), you are awarded a mixture of cosmetics and currency depending on how well you did that season. Rewards are based on the highest Rank you held that season, NOT where you ended it. The rewards include:

  • 1/3/5/7/9/12 Booster Packs of the most recent set based on your Tier (Bronze – Master)
  • A linearly increasing number of Souls, up to 1000, based on Tier/Sub-Tier/Division
  • A linearly increasing number of Gems, up to 250, based on Tier/Sub-Tier/Division
  • A unique Card Back per season (regardless of Rank). You must play at least 10 game of Ranked to get this one.
  • A set of unique Avatars based on each Tier you reached.

General Tips for Climbing

  • Play decks you feel comfortable with. While powerful meta decks definitely help, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game more and doing better if you enjoy the deck you pilot.
  • Don’t get discouraged when you lose. Take a break and come back with a clear head! Sometimes, the cards/matchups just aren’t in your favour.
  • Learn the meta decks. People often stick with proven decks to climb the ladder. The quicker you learn how those decks play, the faster you’ll learn how to play against them!
  • Stick with a few decks. Swapping decks all the time can be fun, but it’s a lot harder to learn a deck and tinker with it if you don’t stick with them a while.

That’s basically it! Ranked is a great way to test your mettle against other competitively-minded players and to test your brews in a competitive setting. I hope you enjoyed this Breakdown!


Author: Shpelley

Shpelley is part-time tech gremlin, part-time article writer and full time Warhammer Champions evangelizer. Follow him @shpelley on Twitter or catch one his streams at

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