Savagery Release, 100k Prize Pool, Switch Release & More!

Hey everyone, Shpelley here with a quick news update. PlayFusion have been incredibly busy as of late with back-to-back-to-back announcements! These run the gamut from the new set, physical prize support, the launch on the Nintendo Switch and new game modes! Without further ado, let’s look at what’s been going on in the world of Warhammer Champions!

Savagery Release

The hotly anticipated release of the Savagery set has finally arrived (in physical, at least). The set includes the addition of the Realm of Ghur to go alongside Ghyran and Aqshy, a wide variety of new archetypes and the new Sylvaneth “tribe.” Overall the set has an overarching “Discard” theme it appears, making this the first mechanically-themed set for the game.

With the introduction of Sylvaneth to Order and their interesting “engine” style of gameplay, Order receives an entirely new angle to approach deckbuilding. Card draw, recursion, Discard effects and a powerful mix of enablers and payoffs give Sylvaneth a lot of opportunities for aspiring deckbuilders to flex their muscles. Will they prove to be effective in the coming meta? That remains to be seen!

Chaos has received the phlegm-covered blessings of Nurgle this set, bringing a new dimension for Chaos to explore: attrition. Nurgle-based Units are doing their best Mordant Mid-Range impression it appears, giving us a mixture of damage, healing and utility effects alongside powerful finishers. Alongside that, support for Chaos Wizards (“Potter” as some call it) is at an all-time high with some very impactful spells thrown into the equation. The begs the question: will this finally tempt some Chaos players away from the allure of easy damage with Skarbrand?

In Destruction, Ogors and Grots are seeing more support. Ogors are cemented as the “Discard-matters” big hitters we got a taste of in Onslaught, while Grots have gotten a blend of tricksy mechanics including the surprising introduction of a “mill” (running the opponents out of cards in their deck) strategy. Ogors seem significantly more powerful out of the two, but I wouldn’t count the Grots out yet without some testing.

Lastly but certainly not least, Death has received a slew of new Units for each of their archetypes. Vampires received a big boost with their new Units, and some very impressive Spells to sweeten the Warrior/Wizard deal. Risen and Spirits got some significant bumps with added Champion and Unit support, fleshing them out into something more reasonable. The inclusion of their 0-cost Champion also provides for more flexibility in lineups (Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead is supremely thankful). Warbands bumped Spirits up with an amazing Champion and Unit as well, so expect to see some Spirit shenanigans in the coming meta!

Overall, the new meta looks to be an interesting one. Savagery releases in-app on Monday, April 8.

100k Cash Prize Pool – City & Event Championships, Trial of the Champions, Blood and Glory

…and the competitive scene rejoiced! Announced April 1st (to some April Fool’s Skepticism), it appears that PlayFusion is pumping some money into the game in order to help reinvigorate the physical scene. These are broken out into a few types of events:

City Championships start May 4th in Rochester, New York with 12 events being held in the US and 6 in the UK, including $1000 in prize alongside other prizes. Plans to expand out to other places in Europe are already in the works for future series. Hopefully, this will expand at some point into Canada (my home country) and other countries. This likely depends on how successful the initial series is.

Event Championships are also happening with $5000 cash prize pool. Currently they are hosting one at the UK Games Expo and another at Origins in Ohio. Lastly, a $20,000 cash prize pool is up for grabs at GenCon. These are definitely sizeable prize pools for a relatively niche game such as Champions, so hopefully this pulls in some people on the competitive side of things.

Trial of the Champions is happening May 4th/5th and is centered around getting people into FLGS. Prizes include exclusive playmats, a set of “rainbow foil promo cards”. With the reference to rainbows, my assumption is a set of 7 Festering Nurglings which would be an interesting prize.

Blood and Glory has also officially started up with Season 1. An ongoing, league-based set of events is the main draw to get people into playing at local game stores. New to the series is the introduction of variations on the league format. Formats include:

  • Maelstrom Campaign Deck League
  • Maelstrom Sealed League
  • Maelstrom Draft League
  • Constructed Format League

The new Limited formats were a big success during the First Strike events, so I’m hoping this translates well to Blood and Glory as it’s an easy format for newer players to get into. Time will tell, of course.

Will you attending one of these events? Leave a comment!

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First Strikes & AdeptiCon

It’s been a little under a week since the First Strike events happened and, from looking at the Facebook Groups and Twitter, this ended up being a big success. The Maelstrom Limited format was probably the big breakout of the events, with Alliance-mixing allowing for some really interesting and powerful combinations. Limited is also far better for those new to the hobby, allowing for a more even playing field starting out.

Speaking of new players, a lot of new players have been introduced to the hobby after an amazing showing at AdeptiCon! Hundreds of demos were done to players learning about the game for the first time, with many going on to either picking up their own Campaign decks or signing up for the events over the weekend. The First Strike event at AdeptiCon was actually actually fully booked, requiring us to grab some more seats in order to include more people. Look out for an article next week as I go in-depth on my AdeptiCon experience from the perspective of a Heraldor!

Did you participate at a local First Strike event? Or maybe you joined us in Chicago at AdeptiCon? Let us know in the comments below!

Switch Release Date & New Single Player Game Mode

Another announcement we’ve been eagerly awaiting, PlayFusion has finally announced their Switch release date for Warhammer Champions: April 16th! The game is set to work both docked and undocked, and allows for cross-play with all other versions of the game. This is a great position for Champions as it will currently stand as one of the only card-based games currently on the system.

Announced with the release of the Switch version comes a new single player game mode named Realm Trials. Nothing is really known about it as of yet aside from the following quote:

We are also bringing our brand new Single Player Adventure to all versions of Warhammer Champions: Realm Trials! Realm Trials takes you through the Mortal Realms facing foes of unimaginable power. To be victorious Champions will have to use their cunning, wit and some help from cards unique to this mode to emerge victorious.

This is confirmed to not require a Champions Pass, meaning all players will be able to play the new mode without issue. Player-vs-AI is a great way to have timid players dip their toes into the game so this seems like a smart play on PlayFusion’s part. Hopefully, we get information soon as I’d love to know what to expect!


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