Warband Pack (#1?) Spoilers & Review

Hello Champions I am ThunderPals Zerris! With the Warband Pack’s release right around the corner, I wanted to give a little review of the product and share some insight on the revealed cards. Before I jump into the my opinions about the product, take a look at what is inside the Warband pack in the gallery below, or take a peek on the gallery found on the Champion’s Warband page.

What’s in the box?

Inside the Warband pack, you will get 16 unique cards. 8 for the Grand Alliance Death & 8 for the Grand Alliance Order. The unique cards include:

  • Order
    • Averon Stormsire x1
    • Stormsire’s Cursebreakers x1
    • Stormsire x3
    • Blessed Banishment x3
  • Death
    • The Briar Queen x1
    • Thorns of the Briar Queen x1
    • Howling Vortex x3
    • Grasping Chains x3

In addition to the 16 cards listed above inside the pack, you will receive 3 boosters (x1 Onslaught, x2 Champions set 1).

Should I get this Product?

The Warband Pack (#1?) is shaping up to be a nice product that both new and established players will want. With only 16 *new* cards, it can seem underwhelming at first but those 16 cards can really boost Order and Death card pools. The two “bottom tier” Alliances are given additional tools that can be added to existing deck lists as well as the capability of building out some new decks. It is my hope the pack expands the meta making Death and Order more viable, without pushing Destruction and Chaos off the field.

The Thorns of the Briar Queen is easily the best Spirit unit in the game, and one of if not the best Death unit now available in the Death card pool. There is a strong argument that it could be the best unit in the game. If any single card has the potential to change the meta its this unit, which will find itself an easy target for the reanimation currently within the Death faction. As a unique Unit, it becomes very easily splashable into almost any Death deck. The Briar Queen also provides something the Spirit sub-faction was lacking; a Wizard who can also deploy Spirits units, as well as a Heroic Act that can be used to burn down your opponent. It is my personal belief that these two cards are enough to make the Warband pack worth getting, especially if you are a fan of the Death alliance.

Howling Vortex and Grasping Chains are extremely flavorful cards, but also incredibly situational. Truth be told Vortex is actually my favorite of the revealed cards. I absolutely love the way this card works. I can’t wait to get my hands on that card to mess around with it. It’s going to feel so good when I vortex three units in succession and deal 7. On the other hand Grasping Chains is probably the most underwhelming of the revealed cards. It’s great to finally have a “bounce/boomerang effect”, and also great that Death finally gets a damage dealing Wizard ability, but it is incredibly situational. The two units I would want to use chains on the most I won’t be able to bounce anyway, because they will be in front of the Wizard locking down abilities and/or spells.

The Order cards are a bit more situational as a whole. Stormsire’s Cursebreakers can potentially be a great add for any Stormcast deck that wants to restart units, as they can keep a board clear. They are just nowhere near equal in power to the Thorns of the Briar Queen. Averon is a pretty interesting add to the card pool for Order, it was my experience the Stormcast build struggled against Spell heavy decks. Averon may become a nice sideboard against those type of decks. Although I do not see him making a huge statement as a caster type deck because I think most players will prefer existing Order Warrior/Wizards over him.

I actually think Stormsire and Blessed Banishment are the better adds. I have seen Order struggle against Death decks and banishment provides a sideboard tool for decks to be able to deal with their issue especially since shuffling a unit back into the deck is way better than a normal “bounce” affect. Stormsire is actually a fairly aggressive spell. It rotates for 4 damage over 3 turns, but makes your opponents (especially Destruction) think twice about deploying a unit or else they will take some additional “ouchies”. I think this card is going to find some interesting places like Aspect or Prime decks.

In Conclusion…

It is my belief at the current price point of roughly $20 the Warband Pack (#1) is worth the purchase, even if it is just for Thorns of the Briar Queen and maybe one or two other cards. I am excited to see if they will continue to release products similar to this one (hence the #1) because I would love to see releases for other sub-factions (Grots v. Daemons anyone?). This is really important especially if there are going to be unique units in each one. Most of all I hope the pack pushes Order and Death in a better standing meta wise – it definitely will for Death at the least. Only time will tell, we will have to see what the meta looks like come March 9th for the first of the U.K. Circuit out of Wargames Workshop Northampton and again March 16 at the third event for North East Circuit out of The Dragon’s Lair in Connecticut.


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