Not A Dent – 35 Health Vs. Campaign Boss

Long time no speak(read?), dear reader. I’m DMG Twylite and this is article is a placeholder for some of my more competitively oriented content until I can figure out what I want to do for Ranked play.

Well, it’s the start of a new year. I’ve received my cards and it’s been time to grind ranked games. And that’s been going ….slowly. The meta is much different/better than Season 1. But I’ve been testing out a lot of different variants and everything loses to something. So I have some solid options in the past few days that I’ve been waffling between, but nothing extremely solid until the last few days.

So instead, I figure I’ll put up some lighter fare. In particular, How I got my 35 health vs. Final Campaign Boss achievement. I’m fairly confident that some other people did this with lists they had, but if I wasn’t confident in my ability to put something good up for Ranked commentary, then I, at the very least, wanted to share this list.

I present to you this little beauty.


This is the custom created list I made to get the 35 Health Achievement vs. Nagash.

35 Health Nagash Finish
1x Bloody Vampire Queen
1x Hungering Vampire Lord
1x Hell Knight
1x Spirit Torment

1x Deathless Thralls
1x Natural Mantle
1x Unholy Power
1x Growth of Ghyran

3x Balefire Corpse Cart
3x Charging Black Knight
3x Feasting Vargheist
3x Frenzied Vargheist
3x Shambling Ghoul Horde
2x Ethereal Horde
2x Shrieking Terrorgheist

2x Soul Cage

3x Devour
3x Bloody Thirst
2x Call of the Grave
1x Grim Portents

So yeah, this is a pile of unplayable nonsense for anything other than the very specific purpose of beating the Nagash boss fight.

Let’s start by talking about the most important thing here: Our Champion placement.

We want Hungering Vampire Lord to the left over their Keldrek, The Knight of Shrouds, followed by Hell Knight over their Skulking Necromancer, Bloody Vampire Queen over their Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead, and Spirit Torment over their Neferata, Mortarch of Blood

Let’s start with the general gameplan. We are going to deck them which is why the deck bears a lot of resemblance to early versions of Bored to Death. The two most important parts of our strategy are keeping their Arcane Bolt for hitting us for 9 damage and trying to flip our blessings ASAP, in particular we want Growth of Ghyran online as soon as possible.

The singleton Grim Portents pulls double duty in making sure we get Growth online and making sure our Unholy Power isn’t underneath the Spirit Torment.

Balefire Corpse Cart and Shrieking Terrorgheist are going to be the weapons of choice for our Hell Knight. We almost always want to be playing and advancing either a Corpse Cart or a Terrorgheist. Cart can’t get itself back but Unholy Power and Call of the Grave can. But it’s worth noting that Corpse Cart has 4 corners so playing a Cart opens us up to the possibility of getting Bolted. We can minimize that by always advancing a newly played Cart and advancing it next turn as well. The computer can and will play Bolts elsewhere so we want to keep any Terrorgheists in hand for spells outside of that lane.

The Bloody Thirsts are “get back in it” abilities. Growth and all of our shuffling units back in it along with the natural healing of our units is going to cover the computers unit damage fairly well with the exception of Zombie Dragon. That’s primarily what we want to be saving our removal for. Cards like Unholy Vitality, Feasting Vargheist, Mystic Shield are all essentially blanks the computer has vs our gameplan.

We really want to save a Devour and a Bloody Thirst for the final few turns if possible. The computer doesn’t have a lot of options against us but it would be really unfortunate to lose our 35 health achievement in the final few turns because we ended at 32 or 33 health instead.

The Soul Cages and Ethereal Hordes are specifically for the quest completions on Bloody Vampire Queen and Spirit Torment so make sure you don’t use them elsewhere(Ethereal Hordes can be reshuffled so it’s not as big of a deal, but you only have 2 Cages).

The opponent’s life total is irrelevant to us since we want to make sure we deck them, rather than killing them. We don’t want any surprises to ruin our goal of 35 health at the end of the scenario. To this point, you are going to have to slog through both Neferata getting back cards and Nagash using his Once-Per-Game heroic ability.

It took a few iterations to get this version of the list which probably isn’t optimized but it got me there.

As far as ranked goes, I just hit my Promo Series for Diamond 2 to Diamond 1, but after being dissatisfied with a lot of lists, I asked a friend for their list and made a few changes but it’s still definitely their list. I plan to talk to that individual and ask if they are okay with me writing about it and asking for their input(while I don’t strictly NEED their permission, I’m not out to punish someone who did me a favor by sharing their list without asking first).

(Edit: I successfully got permission so look forward to that article next week!)

I know it’s a bit of a shorter article today but I wanted to get something up in the interim now that the holidays have passed me by. Hopefully next week, I’ll either be sporting that Master’s badge or at least close.

As always, Thanks for Reading and I’ll see you on the Battlefield. You can reach out to me with any feedback on Discord or in game as DMG Twylite.


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