Round Table Review 7: Onslaught All-Stars

Hello Champions. I am super excited about today’s Round Table Review but also a bit sad. I am sad because this is the last Round Table Review for Onslaught spoilers. Alas! There is a silver lining; Onslaught is released in 2 days! Although after a 10 minute inconsolable period, I am incredibly excited and you should be too! Today the RTR is named “All-Stars”. Why Jay? Funny you ask, I got a group of “All-Star” guests and I asked all of them “hey, what’s your favorite Onslaught reveal?” So we got All-Stars giving All-Star Reviews. Also, let me set your worries aside with a minor *Spoiler Alert* … Not everyone chose Skarbrand! Only the boring players… *cough* Oshuan *cough* (but extremely awesome and best guy I know – ladies did I mention he is single?). Anyway LO and BEHOLD, the “All-Stars” brought you by the “All-Stars” you know and love or love to hate.

Those I Pestered for Reviews:
Kevin (DMG Twylite)
Not Really that Costly

Costly Ritual will often times be the best of both Gift of Change and Rallying Cry enabling some absolutely outrageous comebacks. Discarding your hand is less of an issue in the faction that finds itself without any cards in hand in the back 9 anyways. The toolbox it wants to use is the same tool box Gift of Change wants. This card is incredible especially Out of Warrior-Wizards(Hi Slaughterpriest)

Matt H. (CronikCRS)
Finally a Wizard with no Drawback

My pick for favorite card from Onslaught would have to be the Changeling because since it was spoiled I’ve had nothing but interesting ideas working with its passive spell damage boost. My initial thoughts were to synergize Changeling with Pain-Induced Fury and any of the self-damage units in Chaos’ card pool. You can set up some pretty nasty damage when you self-inflict 3 damage and dish out upwards of 15-19 in a single turn. Not to mention it can serve as nice way to get access to Inferno Blades and gain some additional damage out of Skarbrand… because Skarbrand.

Adam (ArchaeonRL)
Yes, Please!

Okay, so what cards come to mind when you think Onslaught? Skarbrand? Reckless Abandon? Glimpse The Future? That’s right, Chaos may have dominated Onslaught and might be taking the mantle from my trusty Greenskins, but the card that has got me most excited about Set 2 is actually an Order card called Razorshell Harpoon Allopex. As a Level 519 player, I have hardly played Order. My ratio is 40% Destruction, 25% Chaos and 25% Death. My Order Level is at 60 and that is only while I’ve been playing Casual since hitting Master rank. I always personally felt that Order was missing one card to be completely competitive due to the domination of Tier 1 Decks such as Gordrakk and Chaos Quick Quest. However, I think this may change now that this card has been added to the Order ranks. I have been testing an Aelf/Cast C-Prime deck in Casual with my record around 40 wins out of 47 games. This card will be going straight into my deck. It dormants a lane straight away upon entry to the battlefield and has 1 and 2 damage corners to follow. Used on a Lochian Prince followed by an ability you can hit the damage corner next turn and then flip the blessing with a 2nd Aelf upon completion of the card. I will be waiting to use this on an opponent’s most important Champion quest rotation lane, such as a Bloodreaver Chieftan  for Chaos Quick Quest a whole lot slower, stopping the Freakish Crypt Horror  questing 3 corners with 1 card or just being a pure pain in the backside for Destructions plans. Closing down a lane while flipping Swift Judgement with just 3 cards. Yes, please!

Brian aka Schmidt (Vsschmidtbot)

GIVE ME THE GOTH AELF PIRATE (sorry Schmidt I couldn’t resist)

Hello Order Quick Quest. I love this card. The corners are so easy to do in any aelf/aelf beast deck. His passive ability is a bit lackluster; 2 damage if all your champions are engaged with an aelf unit. I mean it is possible with the new set’s release there are more Aelf units available so maybe we could trigger his passive ability. This card will definitely see play. An optimal hand with Volt will look something like this; 2 Aelf Units that do damage on their second and third corner (such as Swift Namarti Reaver, or Sweeping Namarti Thrall), and 2 abilities (Piercing Shot plus 1 other). I intend to start building my Champion Line up with Volturnos as follows: Volturnos (cost 9, +2 Health), Isharann Tidecaller (cost 7, +0 health), and 2 Lochian Prince (cost 2, +0 health each) and Lotann would probably be my 5th Champion. This champion load out would leave me with all 20 (23 out of 30) recruitment points used and 32 starting health. I honestly feel this set cannot come any sooner.

Matt W. (Ionic@SWDHK)

Itching to Play It!

There are lots of spoiled cards that I’m itching to play, but the one I’m most intrigued by is Inferno Blades. Before I sold out and switched to Gordrakk on the long and grindy road from Platinum to Master, I played a lot of Archaon QQ. My favourite card in that deck is Gift of Change: the combination of tutor effect and quest acceleration means that it is always impactful. Inferno Blades will allow a Chaos wizard to buff the champions to either side whilst retaining the ability to play Gift or Costly Ritual. I’m considering a line-up that runs Skarbrand alongside a pair of Bloodreaver Chieftan and a wizard (probably an Iridescent Horror unless there’s something better amongst the unspoiled cards). Chaos is all about pulling off crazy damage combos and the thought of combining the bonus damage from this card with Unrivalled Battle-Lust or Total Carnage and Skarbrand’s ability is mouth-watering to say the least. I’d also like to see if the received wisdom that pure wizards are unplayable is correct. The interesting part of building this deck is going to be working out the balance between units and abilities whilst still finding room for at least two copies of Inferno Blades. I’m also keen to see how this card fits into the Archaon QQ build. Another card that interests me for similar reasons is Cascading Fire Cloak. The Kunnin’ Grot Shaman deck was around tier 2 in the wave 1 meta and it will be interesting to see if a card like this could push it up a notch. If it’s timed correctly, it will force your opponent to make some very difficult choices about whether to deploy or wait for it to rotate out.

Brendan (KTM SlapChopz)

Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Rewrought from Death is an amazing card providing many new plays. Any death wizard can make use of this card to accelerate quests or create tricky situations for the opponent. Mordant builds with Abhorrant Ghoul King love this card with Crypt Haunter Courtier being able to flip that blessing a turn earlier. Skulking Necromancer enjoys the defensive boost being able to stream Crypt Shield Black Knight with greater consistency. Combine with Fuel the Gravetide and you can set up many interesting and yet to be discovered strategies. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As more and more death cards arrive, the more utility Rewrought from Death will have. Death players, you’ll be using this card for a long time.

Those I Pestered Even More for Reviews (Guys we talk pretty much daily)
Oshuan (YerTrey)

Skarbrand is my favorite reveal by far. He allows Chaos players to go at a tempo that they want instead of plowing through their resources and potentially running out of steam too early. He rotates extremely easily, but his effect is most efficient late game. You can complete his quest whenever you want to and I think that is why he’s going to be in the top tier decks for Chaos. Skar also has a relatively low cost for his ability, so you can start to play around with some more tempo builds instead of being forced into using a Chaos Champion (aka Bill, the Chaos Champion) because you can’t afford anything else. In pitched battles, he’s going to allow an extremely different side board as well. You can sub in some wizards for life gain and allow just 6 out of nine cards dedicated to him. Playing him against Order with all their prevention is going to take some skill and set up to kill in one to two turns. Against Death, you’ll wait till you flip Unrivalled Battle-Lust along with Total Carnage under Skar so you can ensure that Death won’t out-heal your onslaught. Against Destro, you have the chance to consistently out-pace Gordrakk with a timely Outrageous Carnage. He allows you to flip blessings when you actually need to and it is a welcomed addition to the speed Chaos deck that we all know and love. #GordrakkWho?

Rich (The Rhy’zrd)
Insidious Plays!

My favorite card, aside from Skarbrand is Reckless Abandon. This card enables some insidious plays and allows me to not waste time using the lackluster wizards (though I still wish to make them viable). Bring able to sac a unit and deal 4 on a warrior ability really opens up deck making for me. It boosts Valkia the Bloody, Marakarr Blood-Sky, as well as Archaon. It gives another reliable self-removal card to chaos. At worse, on fanatical it’s 9 damage on corner 2 or 4. At best, it’s potentially 17 to 20 if surrounded by #bannerbearers and respective champions. It’s also great for last stand decks as well.

Richard (Zanniati)
The Hero Order Deserves or Needs?

My pick for favorite card of the Onslaught reveal is Thundering Concussor – TC adds to the lockdown suite like Disruptive Liberator and Hurricane Raptor which are available to Stormcast Order. To me, it is looking like Order may have enough lock down available now to perform more consistently and TC will provide a strong counter to rush decks that can cause major issues for order. Two things about TC that make it really good are 1) it’s a Stormcast unit, and 2) it does damage on its first corner.  This will turn a restart into immediate damage. I’m hoping this card, along with the new mobility cards will allow Order to get around the field much more easily and will help push Order out of the bottom tier.

Anthony (Emonyourface)
The John Constantine of Order (NOT BATMAN)

I really hate Cruisin' for a Bruisin', guess what Aventis can do, *Heroic Act* and find Storm-Shield it now it only deals 2… Yes, that is why I like Aventis, the ability to potentially counter a game altering swing is rather strong. As Celestant-Prime, if I want to find a card to finish off my opponent, it has to be in my top 2. Not with Aventis. If my opponent is within kill range (5 or below), I can search for something like Light of Sigmar to finish them off, and not just hope I dig into it. Another great kill combo is using the Heroic Act to bring out an Inferno Blades, and then playing a Piercing Shot with Aventis for 5 Rend Damage (and 5 damage that can’t be prevented is pretty powerful). The same combo will also complete Aventis’ last two corners which make it even more powerful. Speaking of quest corners, I like that as a Warrior-Wizard he has pretty quick corner rotations something that Celestant-Prime also struggles with. C-Prime Zoo, more like C-Prime Who! (Jay added that last bit, Anthony is not that lame)

Darren (D…)
Finally some Love for Vampires

Fuel the Gravetide is my favorite card from Onslaught. Literally games have come down to “do I have removal or don’t I?” This is copy 4, 5, 6 of instant removal. Instant removal forces people to play at an optimum level. Additional Removal is going to be important for skilled plays. You’ll need to know the Meta because you want to use your removal on cards that you can recognize will slow down the opponent or throw a wrench in their plan or advance you in some way (or both). Your goal is to force opponents to use additional resources. It’s not their (Playfusion) fault but Instant speed removal is a huge difference. If you took away Deadly Chop from Destruction, it would level the playing field in set 1 because they already have access to other good removal like Sweeping Gore-Grunta. Now in set 2 most teams get 2 instant removals and they are better than Crushing Hordes. This is really integral for Death because I have 2 reliable instant removals to the 1 instant removal for a Destruction player. I also really love Fuel the Gravetide because it is a card that works with Neferata, Mortarch of Blood. Neferata’s interaction with remove is frustrating and she is long due for some love. Additionally it is nice to finally have the reanimation flavor. Really looking forward to Onslaught.

Jay (ZerrisValaren)

Orruks use “Tak-tiks”?! Who knew!?

My favorite card of the reveals is Surround ‘Em. I can’t help feeling super excited about it. Greenskins fill that personality archetype that I just really enjoy. They’re dumb and brutish and serve almost as a comic relief even when intending not to. Reading some of these cards is reminiscent of characters like Minsc (A fan favorite Ranger from Baldur’s Gate video games). That is one of the main reason I will always be aboard the WAAAGH! Hype train. Surround ‘Em is my favored card over Moonclaw Netters and/or Bossy Orruk because of the endless synergies I keep thinking of with this ability. I know I have repeated myself several times in other articles, but this adds to the story so… It was a long time ago at GenCon when I tried WHAOSC for the first time. Stacking keyword cards stuck out to me and was such an interesting mechanic but I kept returning to one thing regarding stacking. I prodded and pried to get Playfusion reps to spill the beans about interacting with stacks because I wanted it so badly. I understood why cards like Mob Rule and Mosh Pit existed; they interacted with your stacks to get bonus damage, but I couldn’t understand why something like Surround ‘Em didn’t already exist. Low and behold Set 2 which was probably in the latest stages of development when the game was released at GenCon – and sure enough my craving will be satisfied.  I personally don’t know if this card is going to be good. To me it just seems like a ton of a fun and has a lot of merit as a competitive card. Especially with the current stacking rules (not the abysmal ones currently being tested in the app). The specific rule that really makes this card shine is deploying a stacking unit returns the unit it is being stacked on to its original position. To me this means Surround ‘Em can literally be used in tandem with ANY stacking unit to restart anything you want. Right off the top of my head I can’t wait to use this to restart a Waaagh! Chanter, Pouncing Wolf Rider, or Moonclaw Netters. Speaking of Netters I can’t wait to combo this with Crowded Wolf Chariot and Netters. It seems, you can use Surround ‘Em to move one of your Crowded Wolf Chariots to a disengaged lane, and then deploy another Chariot right on top of your Netters. All in all I say that is a pretty amazing interactions, and I look forward to all the interactions I haven’t noticed that people better than myself take advantage of.

That’s all we have for you Champions. Thanks again to my special guests Kevin, Brendan, Adam, Matt H., Matt W., and Schmidt!

If you want to see a more comprehensive review of the spoilers check out DMG Twylite’s content page. The man is a machine and has provided a lot of in-depth analysis.

Like what you heard from Matt W.? Need some helpful blessing tips? Check out Matt W.’s first article. Very cool tips for Questing! He has a lot of great tools to help beginners and advanced players alike!

If you didn’t know, you can hear Schmidt on the lovely Competitive Edge Podcast newest episode. If you did know, and haven’t check it out you should! Great discussion with WillHall and JonV regarding Meta shifts.

Matt H. thanks again for all your hard work on “The Black Library” bot in Discord. If you all don’t know this man is providing valuable tools! It literally can search for any card and give you its stats in a flash. Check out his rules lawyer article!

Adam and Brendan are well known on the app making splashes in Master rank. Great players to play against and it was a pleasure having them! Brendan will actually be at PAX I look forward to see his name in at least top 8!

As always thank you to my fellow NYC Gang, you can catch a lot of them at PAX this weekend! Introduce yourselves to these wonderful people, challenge them to a game! I unfortunately can’t make it due to conflicting schedules but I look forward to hearing all about it. Have fun on the battlefield and good luck in your Onslaught packs ladies and gents!

Your favorite NYC Heraldor (sorry guys I am needy!),
-ZerrisValaren (Jay)


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