The Lightning Round! – Spoiler Review – Special Guest ZerrisValaren



So…..that was a stream right? I thought I was out and done with the spoiler reviews but they pulled me back in! I’m DMG Twylite and I’m here for the truly honestly no-foolin’ last entry into my spoiler review…..mostly because anything I see after the set releases isn’t a spoiler but just a regular card right?


There were 32 new cards shown on the stream. I am not going to review all 32 in the in depth style I previously used and so I had to come up with a creative solution….and that means just stealing someone else’s good idea and pretending like I came up with it on my own. And therefore, the majority of the cards I’ll be reviewing with my friend Jay(ZerrisValaren), in a version I’m going to call Lightning Round.


There’s 32 rectangles to get started on so let’s roll out!





Twylite: This card is fine at what it does. I have to believe it will be at least a 1x in every destruction pitched battle sideboard simply because it’s such an efficient answer to spells. I doubt it will be a maindeck inclusion barring a massive meta shift.


Zerris: To me, Ogors or as Will Hall refers to them “Tremors” are completely underwhelming as a whole. With Vorgrun I wanted them to be good because his Shock ability I find very powerful. I think the point of this card is a tool in a tool shed. We needed Destruction to have something to handle spells, especially if spell power creep pushes Wizards to playability. This tool is going in the shed until that happens (which could be after Onslaughts release!). Once that does, instead of just dormant spells, or chopping them, I’ll have a unit that does my dirty work.



Twylite: While I like the idea of a singleton Blood Knight Kastellan in Death decks, when I need to gain life, I usually need it right now, rather than some point in the future. I’m just not seeing this card being better or even alongside than Invigorating chant.

Zerris: I first saw this card thought it was a neutral realm of life spell. When I thought that, I thought it was really good. Now that I know it’s Destruction only, not so much. Why? Well I already have access to Invigorating Chant which heals for 7, I now also have access to Living Woods, which also heals for 7 a turn faster. They also don’t clog my lane up by restarting. I can imagine an opponent using the restart mechanic to their advantage by keeping my lane occupied so they can play against the lane freely and that makes me dislike the card.



Twylite: I REALLY like this card. It’s a combo card through and through and I love my combo cards. 3 damage by itself is totally reasonable as an ability, Wizard or No. Firebelly and Thundertusk Beastriders change the math on this card significantly.

Zerris: Yeah this card is totally meant to combo with Firebelly. Since this card exists I find Firebelly more tolerable, so are those Heroic Acts Ogors. But, it’s a Wizard ability and I can’t play it with a Spell channeling. So unless you are playing Firebelly or an all Wizard deck will you really play it? If you are playing a 3 warrior 1 wizard load out probably are gonna stick with Rallying Cry and Warrior abilities like Mosh Pit. Also, if I had to make a choice over this or WAAAGH! Infusion, I’d also probably also stick with Infusion. Wizards are kinda squish.


Twylite: I think this card is fine. I know a lot of people are pretty high on it but this card just doesn’t do anything too much of the time for me. It’s certainly not bad and I can see this card possibly replacing Orruk Shield Bashers in some amount simply because 5 damage on an orruk stacking unit is above the curve of 4. There will be times that this card’s ability outright wins you games and the times when it’s simply a below average 4 corner unit probably won’t lose you the game as often to make the inclusion worth it. Solid but I don’t think it’s the second coming of Mork or Gork

Zerris: Lately I feel like I am the only person against the stacking changes and really hoped they do not make it to paper play. One of my biggest concerns is lack of stacking units in general, and just the way that stacking can really “F you over”. Savage Stikkas is nice because it adds another stacking unit into the stacking pool, but also can really “F you over”. They do nothing for 2 turns, which means I spent all my actions and time building up a stack for this to get targeted by a removal card. At least unlike the other stacking units these guys have high damage corners, so I can put them on the bottom of a stack and still feel like I swung for something.



Twylite: This is a really cool card design and I think it has a lot of room for some neat combos. Bonesplitter Shaman, Grot Boss both come to mind along with Mosh Pit and Mob Rule. Bossy Orruk continues to be my pick for the Destruction card to note just due to all the interactions he can create. Even a simple Grot Ambush sets up the possibility of some devastating plays. This is the kind of build around card I really like and It sets up the above Savage Stikkas pretty well.

Zerris: Probably one of my favorite cards if not my favorite card revealed. I can’t wait to say “Bossy Orruk poops out some Netters”. I personally feel it’s a must add in most decks because it’s going to bring additional consistency to stack building. Netters and additional stacking units definitely make the stacking changes a little more digestible and manageable. This is my favorite card though because of the Surround ‘Em combos brewing in my head. This + Surround ‘Em become a “restart” mechanic for Netters.



Twylite: This card is okay-ish. It needs a lot of set up to do 9 damage and your opponent removing your cards when they might be able to remove this instead seems sketchy to me. But 9 damage certainly isn’t small. I don’t think that this card will see play until Destruction can reliably remove it’s own units – Chaos Style

Zerris: I like the idea of the spell. It can sit there forever every turn and do 9 damage. The issue I have with it? Well Crushing Horde is incredibly Situational as a Removal ability. Deadly Chop i can only play 3 of. Sweeping Gore-Grunta is only really “instant” with Loud-Mouthed Megaboss. So this will probably take a few turns to rotate, and then I have to hope they don’t remove it before it rotates and then when it deals 9, i have to not remove anything to keep dealing 9. The more I write about it, it just sounds like it’s super hard to set it up.


Twylite: I really like this card. I think it combos well with everyone’s favorite Big Stabba Crew and it’s cousin Putrid Puke. Wizards and especially Destruction ones are in an odd spot at the moment though. I’m not sure that this card does enough to justify including over a 4th Warrior. But I like where this card is going as a way to slow the game down, especially in Destruction Mirror matches.

Zerris: This was the Destruction Spell that I really liked. First of all, it can deal more than The Maw can if placed correctly. If your opponent “plays around it” you are just making life better for yourself because they are keeping to your pace. Plus combo this with cards like Putrid Puke or Gaze of Mork to force extra damage or removals. I think this is the card that makes Destruction only Wizard decks more viable, and I think this is the card that punishes a lot of the meta decks for their fast questing. I can’t wait to punish them bloodreavers for deploying units, you know 4 damage on their turn 1 would be great.



Twylite: Eh. This card is fine I guess. Obviously, Savage Boar Boss makes the card a lot better and 5 damage with rend is on the power curve. You really need to be getting value out of the rend or the beast or ogor tags to justify it’s inclusion.

Zerris: I lightly touched on it before. Team Tremors are a bit underwhelming. With that said, I will probably build a Beast deck centering around Vorgrun and Savage Boar Boss for fun and see how it does. With Collar of Domination online placed on a SBB these guys instantly do 5 rend damage which is pretty nice, but with Collar online I still prefer a Frenzied Warboar or even Trampling Grunta as they rotate out way faster.




Twylite: This may be the best unit of all the spoilers. I think this card is pretty nuts. Trampling Grunta may also hit spells and Fearsome Crypt Flayer may do an additional point of damage. But this offers something that you usually have to work to get out of a unit which is instant control. This dormants the opposing unit immediately. No waiting for rotation. AND it does 3(5 on Lotann ) AND it’s both a beast and an aelf. I think this card is even better than Hurricane Raptor (Yes I know they are very different effects, but the point stands) and that card is outrageous

Zerris: My girlfriend mains Aelves, so often i find myself playing against them and enjoying them even. This card was super super needed. Firstly you are getting a Beast/Aelf, so Lotann is happy. Secondly you are getting a dormant ability. Which makes life a whole lot better for Aelves. This card is a must play, x3 in every Aelf deck. I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it’s way into some Stormcast decks too, just because the dormant ability for 3 turns is very useful.


Twylite: This card just doesn’t DO anything. The times that it’s ability will be useful even as a 2 corner yet just will never come together enough where you have this card and they have the reason you are playing it.

Zerris: First glance at the card, and I think the card is misprinted. I think it’s supposed to be 2/1. I think I understand the point of this card though. For all of those times UBL gets flipped on the first blessing (you know 60% of the time it works every time), make them them deal you no more than 3 or 2. Which is probably better than damage reduction in that scenario because you are going to be reducing way more than a Paladin Protector ever could. I don’t think anyone is going to be willing to put this in their deck for those incredibly fringe scenarios though.


Twylite: Order’s subtheme of powered up units when you meet certain conditions grows. I like this card a whole lot. I think it’s going to do at least 6 damage a lot of the time with a possible 7 as an option. Solid


Zerris: This probably is going to replace some other Stormcast Units just because it is incredibly damaging. The fact it can be deployed on wizards is like an afterthought and nothing but flavor. I do foresee this going into a lot of decks. I would like to add, some bitchin’ art.



Twylite: This card is okay I guess. One day there will probably be a deck that wants to abuse Split Casting and this. But that day isn’t today. Needing 2 wizards is a really tough sell when I’m not sure if I even want one yet


Zerris: Let’s real talk a second. Does anyone else think Restart is a bit lackluster? Whoa, before you grab pitchforks and show up outside my place, let me express why I think this way. The most common Champion rotations are “deployment” of some kind (unit, spell, or ability). If i keep restarting my units or spells, when am I going to be able to rotate my Wizard Champion corners and flip over blessings to really win out a game? Back to High Tide; When am I even going to be able to use this ability, because it can’t be used while channeling a spell? That’s just my thought on this card so… yea.. But Hey, Order should be able to restart spells too so the card is about right. If you want to discuss it more in detail, feel free to message me.



Twylite: This is an effect I don’t like on other cards but I specifically like it in Order because Lotann. Removing units in a cone ‘eventually’ has value especially when we are powering up adjacent lanes and putting them in the awkward position of trying to play around Swift Judgement or giving us value out of our Guard. Specifically interested in this guy because those dual beast/aelf tags.

Zerris: Riding their Fangmora Eels these Elves are going to fit right into the Aelf deck as a beast/aelf and an additional removal to combo with Namarti Soul Feeder s. My man Lotann is being cemented even more into the Aelf Deck mix. With Volt the Aelf Goth Pirate being added as a Champion option we can expect the introduction of Pirate Elf Fish deck style.


Twylite: Eh. This card is fine I guess. Of all the factions that wanted Arcane Bolt, Order wasn’t it. They have lots of slow big hitting options and this will rarely be better than Bolt. I’d probably be more interested in Searing Light over this since I have more control over that increase than this one.

Zerris: I honestly am having a hard time writing about this card. I want to like it. Personally I like spells that have “warrior hate”. It has the potential to do as much damage as Lightning Strike and a turn earlier. It just is way too situational for me. I think I would rather just stick with Lightning Strike for 9 damage swings against warriors. If i happen to be against a few wizards, this card is not even as good as Arcane Bolt.




Twylite: This card isn’t very exciting but it is very important. We just wanted more mordant units and now we have a solid one. 5 rend damage is still on curve power-wise. Not a lot else to it, we wanted to power up our Black Hunger and have more ways to trigger our Mordant Unit quest corners and this will do those things.

Zerris: In case some of you don’t know; Mordants are a pretty powerful sub-faction already. Although, they did lack rend damage and units that did damage on their first corner. This provides both of those things they lack into one card. I expect this guy will become a three of, because there is nothing like rend damage to combo with Black Hunger or The Royal Hunt (4/4/7). It is also going to be a butt load of fun to combo them with Shambling Ghoul Horde.



Twylite: This card is pretty solid. 3 corners, gains life, essentially draws cards. A lot of value in a small package. I don’t know if this will see play immediately since we really only have a few ways to fill our discard right now. But the effect is pretty solid.


Zerris: I honestly feel this card is going to fly under a lot of people’s radars. Granted it only can return “Spirit” units it is still probably one of the better “reanimator” type cards that Death has available in spell form. Chuck 3 spirits in the KO pile with Fuel the Gravetide, return 2 of those to your hand with this bad boy, while gaining some life in the process.



Twylite: We have confirmation that the Stacking rule change isn’t permanent, at least for the time being. This card isn’t necessarily where we want to be but it’s fine. If the Spirit deck becomes a thing, this is some filler to bring our Spirit unit numbers to where we want. Not great, but possibly required.

Zerris: Hexwraiths are the Stacking unit Grimghast Reapers always wanted to be teamed up with. First deal your heavy damage with Grimghast. Next, Serve in Death to pour on additional Grimghast damage. Then stack your Hexwraiths on top for some Rend damage to really pour the damage on. As long as stacking changes are not permanent, this card will see play.



Twylite: This card is phenomenal. Keldrek, The Knight of Shrouds, Reaping Cairn Wraith, Spirit Torment, Lady Olynder, Crawlocke the Jailor….It can rotate your units OR theirs, the rotated units don’t have to be Spirits. Everything is going correct with this card. Rotating your unit forward doing damage then rotating their unit off the table to reset with Keldrek is going to be a move I dub “The Rocking Chair”. This would trigger both the ability and the damage corners of Spirit Torment. Extremely good card and a reason you will see Crawlocke in decks that have the 4 points over something that might be considered generically better. This card has some pretty ridiculous synergy with the recently spoiled Shambling Ghoul Horde as well. It’s hard NOT to find a great combo with this card(Except Unhallowed Mortis Engine that’s definitely not a combo)

Zerris: This is probably my favorite Death card. This combos so well with Spirits it’s disgusting. I believe I had said in the Keldrek/Olynder deck tech (my first article ever) if Spirits got a “rotation” ability it would make them very close to viable. This is even better than I imagined it to be. You see in my mind i pictured something like Waaagh! Call. Instead we got something that is 100% better. You can rotate not only your own units, but some of your opponent’s units forward too. This means you can eat up action generation from units like Waaagh! Chanter, rotate off Damage Reduction units like Paladin Protector, you can exhaust units and proc Keldrek or Lady Olynder’s ability, heck you can even rotate your Grimghast Reapers forward to deal damage. This card is a must play with Spirits and probably x3 if you are playing both Keldrek and Olynder, and why wouldn’t you at this point?



Twylite: This card is somewhat unexciting on it’s face. But it actually fills a hole that needed filling. Previously, certain champions like Reaping Cairn Wraith were running Call of the Grave to trigger Ability/Gain Life corners, but the shuffle effect was more of a bane then a boon. This allows us to trigger those same corners while leaving our units in the discard, where we want them. It’s not a card we are happy about, but it’s at least better for us than call.

Zerris: Great ability for Death to have. It’s like a Gift of Sigmar on crack imo. Fuel the Gravetide makes this instantly heal for 4. Include any exhausted units and it’s even better. A friend of mine Darren M. Hurst (“D” on the App) attended the East Coast Rumble with a Tempo Death Deck you can check it out on the Pitched Battle deck list since it made top 4… I think this card will be very interesting in that build as they use Reaping Cairn Wraith, and a well timed one of these with the proper rotations of units can make you gain quite a bit of health.





Twylite: Whereas I liked the Order equivalent of this card, I don’t like this card very much at all. If it was 3 corners and we could threaten the removal in one turn with Valkia the Bloody it’d be better. But this card doesn’t give us the same value as the Helsabre guard because of the difference in playstyle. Not good enough in my opinion.

Zerris: I have two friends in my playgroup that play Chaos. Both of them complain about a card like Sweeping Gore-Grunta daily. I am so glad they got this card because when they complain about Sweeping Gore Grunta, I can point to this card. Overall this guy just like Sweeping Gore Grunta are pretty bad.  Too bad they don’t have the Loudmouthed Megaboss to combo with it to make it playable.



Twylite: Eh. This card is fine. It’s a 2 corner spell that does 3 damage with possible upside. Not super exciting, but if you have Wizards it could find a singleton slot in your Pitched Battle sideboard.

Zerris: An anti-spell, spell. Look I can’t be mad at this card. I have stated several times, this is what a spell should look like. I like spells like Light of Sigmar and Righteousness because they are quick. The same can be said about this one, it’s somewhat quick which is very beneficial for rotating champions and can remove a potential threat. Just wish it would deal a base of 4 like Gaze of Mork but guess it will with The Changeling.



Twylite: This card is essentially Hellfire Blast #4-6 since most of the Wizards I want to play are Daemons. If you want the Blast, you’ll probably be interested in this too. I don’t want Blast right now in Ranked, but they are pushing spells and Wizards pretty hard so you never know where you might find yourself in a few weeks after a new set.

Zerris: I actually like this card more than Hellfire Blast because it deals 9 without any penalty to myself. The Daemon tag isn’t necessarily that bad in this case. I’m going to be using Changeling or Lord of Change with this spell anyway so it’s going to deal 10 or 11 without a self damage drawback. Sign me up. Thank you Playfusion for pushing more Chaos wizard decks without fixing the real problem of not being able to use abilities while “channelling”.



Twylite: This is where I deviate slightly since I don’t think this card is out of this world bonkers insano-borked. But it is clearly pretty great. It’s templating is the same as Blood for the Blood God so it works the way we want it to with Transmogrifying Flamer. And 4 damage is obviously great. Bloodfury Wrathmonger continues to define Chaos as a faction. My one word of warning, however: If you include too many self removal effects in your deck, the bottleneck doubles if you don’t have one since if you draw a card that wants to remove one of your own units instead of a unit, you now have a card you can’t play AND you still need to draw a unit both for the original reason and now this. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as only a 2x despite it’s obvious power.

Zerris: Reckless Abandon generated a meme on the Competitive Edge because there is an MTG card that is exactly the same name and effect. On a personal note i rather enjoyed the meme because of the difference between MTG and WHAOSC. In MTG they word it as an “additional cost to play Reckless Abandon” while in WHAOSC calling it an additional cost is far from the truth. Most of what this card will do is make the most of your units. If that unit is about to exhaust, get rid of it deal MOAR DAMAGES. If that unit is about to be removed by a delayed removal effect borrow New York City’s tagline of “me first” and remove your unit before your opponent does and make them take 4.  As an ability it can rotate 3 of the 4 corners generally found on warriors (ability, removal, or damage). I shudder at the thought of taking 7 from it with Unrivalled Battle-Lust, Skarbrand or Total Carnage. Although I would be wary of playing x3 of these, as if you draw all of them without any units it’s pretty useless. Its good, possibly even #skarbrandgood



Twylite: This card is pretty bad. I might have been more interested if it could remove a spell in any opposing lane but the only place I can realistically see myself playing this is in Casual. It’s just not good at all.

Zerris: When I saw the name of this card I got excited, I figured they would be like Starving Flesh Hounds, but for spells. Boy was I wrong. These are just not even playable in my opinion.



Twylite: This card is fine.If you can trigger him, he’s an easy 6 damage and if you can’t, he’s unplayable. If you have enough spells though, 6 damage is 6 damage.

Zerris: More love for Wizards in the Chaos loadouts. Small recap; so we have units that increase spell damage ( Pink Horror Conjurer), units that return spells to your deck (Gibbering Daemon), units that get damage bonuses from being deployed next to spells (Glaive Acolyte), and now units that rotate and damage up to 6 when spells are deployed (Kairic Adept). Look PF we get the hint, you want to see some Tzeentch themed decks. The commonality between all of these cards besides them being usable with wizards is all of these cards are just 1 little tweek from making wizards more playable. 20 bucks to the person who gets it.



Twylite: I’ve been pretty vocally in support of these Abilities that replace themselves either by drawing a card or replacing their action and this is no different. Moving around Slashing Screamer or even just repositioning a Blood Warrior Berserker has a fair amount of value. And it’s not like in my very aggressive deck that I’m going to be very unhappy to play 9 cards that trigger my ability quest corners and replace themselves so I can get to my damage cards.

Zerris: Destruction used to be able to hold action efficiency over Chaos. Now Chaos has an ability that is action efficient. It serves many purposes. Tactical Formation is used in a ton of decks, often because they are able to move things around into better circumstances such as, move things away from lock down lanes, or out of removal. But its also used because, you needed abilities to rotate champions. This card does the same thing without losing your champion placement (which is good for stuff like Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury), and replaces its action to boot. So you can use the action to play another card or heroic act, or draw another card. A welcome addition to Chaos if you ask me.



Twylite:  This card is mediocre. I’ve tried out getting Skullreaper Icon Bearer to work out a number of times with little success. But I just can’t see myself playing this card to acheive that effect even if you calculate in things like Frenzied Devotion. It just doesn’t do anything at 4 corners for only 5 damage.

Zerris: I like this card because it has the Daemon tag on it. Otherwise I wish it didn’t take four rotations to have an effect on the board state. Although on the bright side if it’s removed early, it’s going to restart something, that is always a bonus.


Twylite: This is my new pet card. I’m sorry, Blood Sacrifice, but there’s someone new in my heart now. Chaos needs card draw and this card does some work. The ability to look at my opponent’s next draws and plan accordingly or simply set up my draw at the start of next turn. Awesome. AND it replaces itself immediately upon being played. This card is going places and I want to sign up for the tour. It could be that even this card doesn’t make Wizards playable, but I guarantee that I’ll be unraveling timey-wimey stuff in casual even if not in Ranked.

Zerris: Wowowow. That’s my initial read of this card. Playfusion wanted to make Wizards playable and using this as a template for every wizard spell would be a step in that direction. Why Jay? Well funny you ask reader, this card provides card advantage and the capability of optimizing your draws or disrupting your opponents, or a little bit of both. The only downside is that it rotates four corners which means my wizard won’t quest for 5 turns, and be open to stuff like Big Stabba Crews. Even with that said, this is still a really good card that I think a lot of Chaos players are going to feel is worth splashing Wizards for.







Twylite: I actually like this card a lot. If you want to gain life, this card has you covered. Invigorating Chant, Unholy Vitality have both seen play in Ranked before. Order doesn’t have something that gains them life like this card does, Chaotic Restoration is pretty risky when we need to gain life. This card might not be what your deck wants to do, but the decks that want this effect won’t be too disappointed by this I think.

Zerris: This is the Realm of Life spell that really makes you consider if it’s better to play Life or Fire. I think most would agree that Living Woods is a great healing spell but is it a better spell than Inferno Blades (which is arguably the best Fire spell)? Who knows. Personally what I see is that Realm of Life provides Destruction with a card like Emerald Lifeswarm (since Destruction is the only alliance that can’t get units from their KO pile) and maybe that makes Living Woods playable with Destruction, but fire is still looking like the better option at first glance.





Twylite: I don’t like this card very much. It’s slow and unpredictable and it’s only 4 damage. I guess that it’s to rotate clunky corners opposite itself but that’s a bold ask on a 3 corner spell. I can only see myself wanting this card, when there’s a very specific card I’m looking to counter with it during Pitched Battle.

Zerris: Gaze seems like one of those cards that is super situational and nothing more. If the damage was rend while having its current effect one could argue it’s use. That use would be to eat through and remove damage reduction. As it stands, it just seems like a filler spell or something to rotate clunky or action generating units.



Twylite: This card, on the other hand, I like. It just does a lot of small benefits I like in a single package. It prevents damage for 3 turns and then hits them on the last corner. It’s not super complicated but you don’t need to prevent a lot of damage to get enough value to make this card worth it. I’m not 100% sure if this is the card Aventis will want to search for since it may prefer to simply complete it’s quests even faster and would be looking at Inferno Blades or Fireball instead but this spell is playable even if it may not be the Aventis target.

Zerris: Design wise there are too many spells that are “X/X/X/do something”. In my opinion cards like that are not worth playing or not fun to play, unless the do something is 9 or more damage. What sets this spell apart is that you get a minor benefit along the way to your minor damage… I hope they continue trends like this going forward. Overall it’s not the best card, its not the worst card, its like baby bear’s porridge; it’s just right.



Twylite: I think this card is awful. But I like it’s design. This card isn’t a Good but it will definitely fuel some good stories of that time your opponent just hit you with a Hellfire Blast. This is entirely too out of our control to be worth the slot in our bottom 4 in my opinion.

Zerris: I feel bad for the guy who has the blessing flipped on them when they have a bunch of units on their 3 damage corners and “The Maw” on 9 and ends up taking like 20 damage. I also feel bad for the guy who is one turn from losing and flips this blessing and there is nothing on their opponent’s field, and then loses the game because their opponent kills them the next turn. Unfortunately on average you probably will deal 5 damage which makes it just below average as any other instant DD blessing.


Lightning Round Over!

I want to say thank you to Jay for helping me out with this review since even just contemplating trying to review each card makes my brain hurt and for tolerating my direct pilfering of his round table format.


Achievement Unlocked. All non-TCE spoilers reviewed. ….If I had known how much work this was going to end up being when I first decided to try to tackle this project, I DEFINITELY would not have done so. BUT it was incredibly fun and rewarding and I’m somewhat proud of the accomplishment.

I’m looking forward to Set 2 a fair amount and can’t wait to try to scratch and claw my way back up to Master. I’m hoping to move fast since I’ll probably be writing articles on my deck like last time too. Look forward to that probably starting the Monday after next so I can get some reps in with whatever weapon I choose to wield. (I’m not saying it’s Skarbrand, but I’m saying it’s almost certainly Skarbrand simply because Chaos)

That’s all the reviews. As always I look forward to your feedback and read through your comments! Let me know if you agree or disagree!

You can find me in game as DMG Twylite, in the discord as [Heraldor]DMG Twylite, and on Facebook as Kevin Lambert.

As always….I’ll see you on the battlefield.




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