Spoiler Review – In the Realms of Imagination


Evening All! So yeah, a new mechanic unveiled and it’s a pretty safe new one to introduce. Introducing the new realms and giving us a bit of an overview was a nice touch.

So let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of some of the new card. I’m DMG Twylite, and i’ll be your guide through the realms of what is, what can be and what to leave on the cutting room floor.  We’ve got another full docket to work our way through so let’s get started.

We’ve got MOAR OGORS! Weighing in at what ever the #lore channel says he weighs(I’m not dumb enough to put a number here, thanks), I introduce to you Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar (Loktar O’gar?….kek)

So let’s start with the quest corners as per usual…..and they are really hard to evaluate knowing only one Ogor as of currently. I’ve been assured that Ogor’s are a prominent member of the Waaagh! so I have to assume we have a number of them present in the set…though I wouldn’t be surprised to find out we don’t have enough to make the full Ogor deck right out of the gate with only the first 2 sets.

In the dark, however, these seem fine I guess? His ability completes the first corner if we play an Ogor on him but that turns him into a 3 unit champion just like Orruk BossSkeleton Champion or Chaos Champion which isn’t exactly pushing the envelope(Not that I’m complaining about a non-busted Destruction card). 

His stat line is basically the industry standard for a 9 cost unique at + 2 health…without knowing what the other Ogor Champions do, we can’t really discuss what kind of lineups are possible for him.

So let’s talk about his ability. Even assuming that Ogors = slow = 3 corners minimum, this is going to be good for at least 4-6 damage per game which is pretty excellent. That’s comparable to Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury except harder to disrupt with removal. This also assumes that Ogors do not have stacking because if they do this card is outright bonkers dependent upon how many of them there are.

Without knowing the pedestal of supporting cards this Champion needs to stand on, it’s hard to say in a vacuum how playable he is but I would assume that he probably makes his way into whatever the Ogor deck ends up being since his ability is generically powerful.

So next up is a card I think is actually incredibly powerful. It also has radical art(Seriously Playfusion, I need a playmat of this STAT). Even it’s name is awesome. I present to you, No Rest for the Wicked.

So here’s my prediction: This will eventually be one of the best Death blessings. What this card DOES is insane. It will either be slightly worse than Ushering of the Waaagh! or slightly better depending on how you have set it up. The problem with this card is what it GETS. The recent spirit reveal of Myrmourn Banshee has me a bit deflated on the Spirit deck right now. I’m not quite as high on Looming Harridan as some of my friends because once again, it’s ability is a drawback not a benefit and after that it is simply a 3 corner unit that deals 4 damage. After those two reveals, we have Ethereal Hordes and Grimghast Reapers. That’s not exactly the all-star team I want to be fielding at the moment. But once we have actually great Spirits, this card gets incredible and right quickly at that.

One Fuel the Gravetide and we are set up, not just for this card, but also for Armies of the Dead and Unholy Power. Not only that, but all those cards are pretty functional replacements for each other in some capacity which eventually will give the Spirit Deck something we haven’t seen out of decks yet which is blessing redundancy and a way to mitigate variance.

Once the A+ team of Spirits finally assembles, this card will be absolutely incredible….but that time isn’t looking like Set 2 as of yet.

Next up we have a card that’s a little bit harder to evaluate in the latest delivery for the Aelf/Beast Friendship Forever pairing. Wild Allopex Riders.

Without knowing the final pieces of the puzzle in this set, I don’t think I like this card very much. I really dislike the “Discard a card as this enters play” units as a general rule. The Heroic act here doesn’t thrill me either, It will occasionally be useful as a way to set up the surprise 14 damage Triumphant Smash gambit.

This card is essentially a repackaged Razorshell Leviadon that you have to pre-pay for. That’s not to say that I don’t think he won’t see some use. Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard is perpetually on my chopping block except for the dual beast/aelf tags to activate Lotann on it. And I’m sure I will test him out in that slot but I don’t have high hopes as it stands at the moment that I’ll be thrilled about it.

I do want to also mention that this guy keeps looking better by the day, Isharann Soulrender. But more than that, I feel like we are missing the piece that ties everything together for the Aelf deck. Some card that cares about Aelves in the discard pile that rewards us for this card and the Leviadon.

Speaking of hard to evaluate Order cards, I present to you the hardest card to evaluate yet. God-King’s Aspect.

Look….I have no idea if this card is good.

I keep swinging between “This card in the right place is absurdly power, stopping removal, Ability Quest Corners, and it also stops some exceptional Heroic Acts in the mirror match from Celestant-Prime or Vorrus Starstrike and obviously has value in the Destruction match against Gordrakk, Fist of GorkWarboss Recruiter and Loud-Mouthed Megaboss This card does some powerful things if you pop it early

It also sometimes just does Zero.  The other side of the swing is that it doesn’t DO anything. Right now, the game feels all about the blessings and they need to be impactful immediately. This card definitely does not fall into that category.

But Order has enough move with Tactical FormationStorm's DescentAetherwing Scout and the previously spoiled Knight-Questor to lock someone from EVER completing their quest or every Gordrakk-ing.

But even with those caveats, if I had to guess I’d have to say it’s probably not good enough and the number of times you reveal on an enemy champion that’s already complete will probably far outweigh the times you actually lock someone out. Like I said I’m not super confident on this blessing because the effect is powerful, but sometimes it will be actual dead and I’m not sure that is something that is acceptable.


So a pure damage stick is what we are looking at. This blessing will do anywhere from 3-11 damage to your opponent dependent on how many units are on the board. I’m guessing this will usually fall into the 6-7 damage range which isn’t bad. Divine Blast certainly isn’t bad, it offers a total of an 8 damage life swing (6 Damage + 2 Health) and this is going to be equitable a good portion of the time.

Obviously, without seeing more of what each realm is trying to accomplish, it’s hard to definitively say which Realm looks better. But outside of Bored2Death, the goal is to reduce your opponent to 0 health and a free Arcane Bolt represents 1/5th of the maximum health in the game so some of the more aggressive decks are going to like what it brings to the table.

I can see myself wanting to replace Chaos Runeblade with this in Chaos Quick Quest as speed matters more than total quantity with that deck. But I actually think I’m most intrigued by what this offers to aggressive Order decks. They have recently started to increase their unit quality from the spoilers so far and everything we mentioned about No Rest For the Wicked applies here as well. Divine Blast and Swift Judgement + Hypersnare Seed represent 75% of your blessings doing some variation on the same plan. I also really like that the way your opponent plays around Swift Judgement directly plays into how Hypersnare Seed and vice versa.

This seems like a solid 3rd/4th blessing for aggressive decks, I just don’t know how many of them want a straight up damage card rather than something that generates advantage quickly but it’s definitely worth investigating.

The spell that comes along for the ride with Hypersnare Seed opens some options for us as well.


Let’s get the part where I make my general distaste for Wizards (in competitive play specifically, they are the Casual Kings/Queens) known and out of the way again. This is an effect that I like. Assuming that you do have the option to kill your opponent(i.e. Aren’t trying to deck them as your win condition) this can either function as a damage spike if you play it on a critical turn or as Mystic Shield #4-6.

The first that jumps out to me is the recently spoiled cards from the Team Covenant Stream. I spoke in my review about the Changeling and Traitorous Bond that those cards want multiple small packets of damage to apply his effect to. This card offers that. One of the first decks I plan to tinker with (In casual specifically) is The Changeling/Lord of Change/2x Bloodreaver Chieftain with Shield of Thorns and Traitorous Bond. Changeling + Lord + Shield = 4 damage back per unit that deals you damage on the last corner.

I also like 2 corner cards in general over longer corner cards. I think this game hinges on blessings quite strongly at the moment and therefore, I want cards in and out of my lanes so I can turn up my game winners faster than my opponent.

Outside of a dedicated plan that really wants to get there with quantity of the same effect, I doubt that this card is good enough. The first thing that I think everyone wants to imagine in their imagination is that dream Gordrakk, Fist of Gork scenario. But that is almost never going to happen, your opponent isn’t just going to kill themselves to your onboard trick(Not usually). So as cool as this card is, I just don’t like cards that put my opponent in charge of what it does and unless we are talking about the aforementioned Chaos Wizards, 1 and 2 damage per hit received isn’t the kind of impact I need from my spells.

So with the 2 Life cards out of the way, let’s bounce over to the Realm of Fire cards, and I’m going to change it up and actually talk about the spell first.

The old standby, YE OLDE FIREBALL(If your game has magic and no spell named fireball in it, you are dead to me)


So yeah. That’s what that does….

Look, this card is fine. I keep talking about consistency and redundancy in today’s review because it keeps coming up. This card is Arcane Bolt #4-6. It’s slightly worse but still provides you with more of the effect. If you want Arcane Bolt, you might want more of them and that’s what this provides.

I wouldn’t start freaking out over Aventis’ playability just yet, dear reader. They have 10 unaligned spells so that is probably at least 3 spells per Realm (probably 4, with 2 generic spells but the actual number matters less than this isn’t the only options) and if it is the case, it just means that you play 1 Fireball to trigger your Aventis.

The one faction that actually REALLY intrigues me for this spell is Death. Deathly Resolve is pretty sweet with Soul Stealer and Arcane Bolt right now. And when we talk about who is just wanting more Bolts, that’s the faction that has the tools but not the spells.


No wait, this card…..

I can’t see anything other than Lavaclaw Reaches every single time I look at this card….Even the art looks similar.

I really like this card a lot. It’s most obvious comparison is Outrageous Carnage but I get to choose when I use it. I might consider this over that exact card if I’m honest as I’ve killed myself on a Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ one too many times to be completely thrilled with that card. And being able to wait until I’ve managed to find Unrivalled Battle-Lust has some value. (Hypersnare Seed seems a little bit more of what Chaos QQ wants to be doing though)

It also gives our “when you remove a unit” champions some additional legs. It’s one of those cards that has just enough flexibility and solid utility to rarely be actual worthless. And as anyone who has wiped an opponent’s bard with Outrageous Carnage or Sweeping Gore-Grunta can tell you, if you get this effect at the right time, it’s game winning.

As the average level of the faction’s blessings continues to increase, this card might not end up being good enough….but with Aventis’ pushing us towards the Fire Realm, this card can pick up some of the slack dependent on what we are trying to do with our bottom row. Just solid utility.

And as a bonus, I finally got some of the answers I was seeking to confirm about this guy from Playfusion(You are the best Owain!) so let’s review him.



“Your reading comprehension test starts now. You have 30 seconds. Please Begin”

So that’s a fair amount of text that is just chilling out down there, let’s bust out the Rosetta Stone and translate what all that means into something understandable.

When we play this Unit on an empty lane or a unit with no support, he searches for a Grot and deploys it underneath himself. He also has a Heroic Act that will allow him to deploy a Grot underneath him in an adjacent lane.

He has a few catches and rules moments that he causes, however. 1st, if you play him and search with him, he can complete 2 unit cards since the card he searches for deploys and is a different card. This is pretty relevant for a few champions like Warboss Recruiter being the big one but also including Massive Choppa Warboss and Frenzied Warchanter

2nd, if you play him in an empty lane, the Grot he searches for can be any(almost) Grot and he will stack on top of it. If you play him as a stacking unit, on top of another unit, however, he will need to search for a stacking Grot since that unit is technically deployed and can’t deploy over another unit unless it has stacking. You also have to complete any additional “when you deploy” effects of that unit such as Arachnarok Spider. It also means that we are not able to search up for a Crowded Wolf Chariot

3rd, his Heroic Act must follow all the normal restrictions when it deploys into an adjacent lane. Additionally, any of those restrictions we needed to complete the first time around, need to be completed this time around so Spider is punishing us twice.

All of that rules lawyer jargon out of the way, this card seems VERY good to me. Let’s just start with Warboss Recruiter. Not only does he complete both of the middle two corners, he comes down as an Orruk for Recruiter’s Heroic. And he creates an instant support 2 Unit. As a 2x of, he creates a strong argument for adding 1 Crushing Hordes to our set of Deadly Chop.

He can do everything Grot Ambush does with upside. Speaking of the Massive Choppa Warboss, stacking this guy gives us an instant full stack which means getting the full value out of our Mosh Pit and Mob Rule becomes much much easier.

It really pushes the idea of a toolbox of Grots since we can now reasonably sure that we can find the Grot we want, when we want it. Those Moon Shield Grots? They look much better and the length of time they prevent and last begins to look pretty good when we get to play them a second time.

But let’s be honest. We want this one Pouncing Wolf Rider. Getting more value out of that card is something I’m almost always interested in doing. I don’t know if I’d be willing to look at 2x Savage Boar Boss when they are -2 health at the moment, but it’s not like Beasts are bad at the moment.

Imagine playing this next to a Loud-Mouthed Megaboss with a Surprising Skulkers in his back pocket just to set up the Cowardly Grots + Double Advance the turn after…..or just doing both in the same turn if you have Prophet of the Waaagh! active.

So let’s look at everyone’s favorite and most fair card, Rallying Cry. Cry out this unit, + search, get another unit, then heroic out the grot, possibly a wolf rider onto a boar boss to get our action back. Use that action to stack something over him. That’s just the baseline value he adds even without a mini-toolbox of Grot Slashas, Moon Shield Grots, and possibly a 1 of Show-Off Grots to have available when we want with Bossy Orruk + Grot Ambush.

I am unsure if we are playing the full set in currently Destruction lists, but there was already merit to playing more Grot Ambush and at least 1 Grot Slashas to complete the last 2 corners on Orruk Boss, Rip-Tooth Megaboss, and Gordrakk himself.

This is quite the card. I’m not super thrilled that Destruction gets to add “King of the Toolbox” to it’s mantle(Does it even have room for the crown with all the other “Best at…” awards it has?)


The spoilers are coming quickly so it’s time to gear up and start reviewing the new spoilers already. (No Rest for the Wicked I guess)


I’d love to hear your feedback if you agree or disagree. You can find me in game as DMG Twylite, on the Discord as [Heraldor]DMG Twylite, and on Facebook as Kevin Lambert.

As always, I’ll see you on the battlefield!




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