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When the going gets tough, the tough(Or at least those too stubborn to stop) type at their keyboards like over-caffeinated 12 year olds who just discovered Minecraft/Fortnite/whatever you kids play these days.

It feels a bit weird to constantly introduce myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at this rate, but I’m a sucker for consistency and so…..

Hello again everyone! I’m DMG Twylite and today’s offerings are the 2 spoilers from Barhammer in addition to the latest Peachstate Distribution reveal. But first a quick update on my Bossy Orruk review. I know that I said that I would have that review up tomorrow…..but it’s still today for me. I actually just finished up my review of yesterday’s cards today and now I’m reviewing today’s cards today(Fun fact: Make a goal to review every single card that is spoiled and every spoiler will fill you with the standard joy of being a TCG player seeing new cards AND as a bonus you get this daily moment of panic as you have SO MANY CARDS to review).

Let’s mix it up a little bit and jump right into the big card today. The Aelven Nick Fury. Volturnos, High King of the Deep. (Really, Games Workshop, HIGH king of the DEEP? Do you even words?)

This one is the King of Emo. Black lipstick, gloomy coat, all the piercings. Looks like Nosferatu despite not being a Death card….Check.

Let’s start with the most important part of evaluating any new champion. The quest corners……And these corners are outright fantastic.

This is about as good as it gets in my opinion. Play an Aelf…let it tick twice and then Triumphant Smash or Tactical Formation. These corners are REALLY good. Just contemplate this guy….Swift Namarti Reaver here. His stat line is even fine. Unique +2 Health for 9 points. And that’s about where the train stops unfortunately.

We need to see more Aelves obviously but filling your entire 4 lanes is not easy to do when we are talking about Aelves. This ability will fire, MAYBE, MAYBE, once in a game and you are going to have to work for it. The 2 exceptions to this will be when you get the good Tides of Death 2nd corner…..but even then it won’t happen until the turn after that since start of turn effects happen before the blessing rotates. And the 2nd is Pennant of Sigmaron but both of those are blessings. I think this ability is a bit of a trap at the moment, at least with the units we currently know about. You are going to over-telegraph what you are doing and probably make sub-optimal plays just for 2 damage….one time?

Here’s a current list of the aelves we have:

Akhelian Barrier Guard (Only 2 corners)

Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard (3 corners but if we aren’t also getting value out of him being a beast, he loses a lot of his value to us)

Namarti Soul Feeder (Fine at 3 corners)

Razorshell Leviadon (Pretty good in this fictional deck at 4 corners and we are likely to be playing all aelves anyway)

Sweeping Namarti Thrall (Fine at 3 corners)

Swift Namarti Reaver (The definition of a Non-Combo)

I’m not saying it’s impossible, especially once we factor this guy into our lineup Isharann Soulrender but it feels pretty improbable….And remember….this is for the grand prize of 2 damage.

Not only that, but all the cards that restart units to enable this game play….they are all Stormcast units. Vorrus Starstrike is obviously Stormcast only, Lord of the Host requires a Stormcast Champion that costs 7 or more, even Gryph-Charger Pack requires a Stormcast unit, we can’t play spells like Seeker of Souls or Surge of Justice because we need all 4 lanes to have aelves.

That all being said….those corners are pretty hot and maybe we want to go for it anyway. There’s actually a number of really interesting lineups that we can build with him. Voltron/Lotann, Soulrender, Lochian Prince works…but if we want to stray from the Lotann plan and focus solely on Aelves, I think I actually like Voltron/Lord-Aquilor, 2x Prince since that will allow us to use Lord of the Host and the final beast corner comes along for the ride as an add-on to the Aelves we already have. But I think we are probably still a Lotann deck and ignore his text and just focus on the +2 health and those corners and with Soulrender clocking in at -2 health, +2 health is a pretty solid deal for us.

Keeping on the Order train, we have a new spell with a pretty fantastic name. Abyssal Darkness(How is this name not a Chaos card?!)

Do you want to know how cool this game is sometimes? LIGHTNING WHALES. LIGHTNING…….WHALES….That’s at least as awesome as Bear Cavalry!

Okay, Let’s skip all the parts where I tell you why I don’t think Wizards are positioned very well in the meta and look at the spell individually. ….This isn’t too bad actually. It’s similar to a spell version of Paladin Protector but it lasts 1 turn longer, doesn’t die to units that remove and if it ever matters protects spells too. 

Usually, when I’m including a Wizard I have a specific plan for that Wizard such as wanting Aspect of the Sea(Also not a bad candidate to be casting Abyssal Darkness for what it’s worth) to cast Inspired Glory and then you need to fill out some additional slots to get value. This card does that and does it fairly well. It’s a solid tool without being flashy.

This card also does some work in the Aventis + Vorrus deck to ensure we get the value we want from Vorrus.

We all build those bad 4 wizards decks to complete our Daily spell missions. The first time this successfully protects your Comet StrikeLightning Strike, or Searing Light….that’s going to feel pretty good. 

I don’t know how much play it will see with Wizards in the place that they are currently in, but Paladin Protector wasn’t bad, he just didn’t do enough and lasting for a full extra turn without dying to Frenzied VargheistSlashing ScreamerCharging Black KnightSweeping Gore-Grunta makes a pretty big difference in my opinion. It’s never going to feel like the reason you play your Wizard but I doubt you will be unhappy to draw or play it if it’s in your 30.

So let’s take a look at our final card. The Myrmourn Banshees……..yay?

So this card is a Spirit and you need spirits for Keldrek and…..


You know what? I’m not doing this to us tonight, I’m just not. If you want this effect, you are better off playing this card instead Shrieking Terrorgheist even with the discard.

This card is bad. I’d rather play Ethereal Horde in the Keldrek, The Knight of Shrouds deck if I have to.

I’d rather just let them keep their spell than sleeve this card up.

So yeah…..At least we got Aelven Nick Fury and Lightning Whales Summoned from the Abyssal Darkness(Everything about this card name is the most Metal thing ever)

I’ll be back soon with another full docket of spoiler reviews.

I’d love to hear your feedback! You can find me in game as DMG Twylite, on the discord as [Heraldor]DMG Twylite and on Facebook as Kevin Lambert.

As always friends, I’ll see you on the battlefield!




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